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This section a series of recommendations to confront study in virtual teaching with guarantees. We encourage you to consult this INFOGRAPHIC, where you will also find tips to keep your personal well-being.

  • Do your best to join all remote classes when they are scheduled. Follow them attentively.
  • Ask and participate, both in the remote sessions and in the course chats or forums. Do not hesitate to ask your teachers for one-on-one “office hours”.
  • Follow your teachers’ advice. Consult all the learning material shared with students and complete all scheduled tasks and assignments.
  • Search for alternative reference material to round up your learning experience.
  • Find yourself adequate time and physical space to complete your scheduled assignments.
  • Organize your time combining remote class attendace and completing progammed tasks and assignments.
  • Check on your progress. Develop learning habits that may allow you to complete tasks on schedule.
  • Find motivation. Set yourself small goals that should keep you from dropping out of the learning process.
  • Create student networks to share ideas, good practice and to help each other with doubts.


This wiki (in Spanish) includes a set of recommendations and tools to help you when moving to a remote teaching context.


The following tips may be useful in order to follow your remote classes:

1. How to join a class/meeting scheduled by an instructor.

If your teacher schedules a remote class with Teams, you will receive a notification via the different communication tools on PoliformaT (email, announcement, etc…). Be attentive to the instructions.

On the scheduled day and time, you must join the team or channel on which the remote class will take place. You should see a scheduled meeting, which you can join with the button «Join«. Click on it and you will be inside the remote class ready to interact with your teacher and fellow students.

Follow your teacher’s advice during the class and do your best to make it sucessful.

HERE you can find a short video with simple instructions to join a Teams meeting.

2. How to create teams/channels for workgroup with my fellow students.

As a UPV student, you can create teams and channels to interact with other students and/or with teachers. When you create a new team, you will be the owner (administrator) and you will be responsible for adding the other members to the team.

HERE is a video with simple instructions on how to create teams and channels on Teams.

3. How to schedule a group meeting and request your teacher to join for virtual tutoring.

If you wish do to do some group work on Teams, simply agree on a meeting with your fellow students and start the meeting on the agreed team and channel. It will generally be a team/channel created by all of you, as explained above; follow your teacher’s instructions about the use of teams and channels, whether they are the official ones for a specific course, or complementary teams/channels created by certain members. Other students can join this meeting and you may also request their attendance by sending an invitation from the meeting itself.

Likewise, if you have previously arranged virtual tutoring with your teacher (via email or any other communication tool), you can invite him/her and s/he will be able to join.

HERE is a video which explains how to create meetings and how to invite any members or guests you wish to join.

4. How to show your screen during a meeting.

In your meetings with other students or with teachers, you may need to show your screen to other users. HERE is a video which explains how you can do this.

5. Suggestions to improve your meetings.

Finales, HERE are some suggestions and tips for swift and more effective meetings on Teams.


1. Using PoliConecta to follow your classes.

These recommendations will be useful to follow remote classes on the PoliConecta platform.

2. Using Teams to follow your classes.

This document includes a tutorial to ask for UPVnet credentials and Office 365 access.